• Teri Meat Balls $7.00
    Simmered in teriyaki sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese
  • 100%Moxie Mussels $7.00
    Half Shell Mussels with garlic butter - topped with spinach, Parmesan cheese & Mozzarella C
  • Edamame $7.00
    Poached Soybeans smothered in ponzu sauce or garlic sesame with chili paste
  • Glazed Shrimp $7.00
    Shrimp SauteÚd in a tomato garlic glaze
  • Stuffed Fish or Shrimp $7.00
    Choice of fish or shrimp stuffed with secret ingredients, topped with furikake and paprika
  • Moxie Tots $7.00
    Tator Tots baked with fresh minced garlic
  • Pupu Special $10.00
    Assortment: Moxie Mussels, Edamame, Shrimp, Tator Tots, Meat balls or Stuffed Fish, choice of three
  • Pupus in a Basket $3.00
    Choice of one:
    Soy beans Chips and Salsa or Moxie Tator Tots
  • Poke/Taegu $9.00
    Fish Poke or Taegu - seasonal
  • Quick Grinds $3.00
    Burrito, Pizza Pocket, Chicken Chimichangas or Corndog

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